Utilizing The Power of News Stories In Your Blogging

Much has evolved over the years with blogging and modern technology. Twitter is considered the most up to the minute publishing platform. Most markets can be related to news stories along with a little imagination. Blogging about breaking news and developing trends will bring huge numbers of targeted traffic to your blog if you approach this the right way. Finding the best tools for following trends is quite useful.

Google ranks the latest news items on page 1, and this is what you want to make use of. It's difficult to beat out the major news sites for these few spots. Adding 'update" or a comparable prefix to your title search phrases can sometimes give you an edge. I have personally witnessed ordinary blogs listed in a different window, in the center of the first page, under the heading about updates. With practice you are going to get better at understanding what works best for this system.

There are a range of tools readily available that will help you keep on top of what's going on. At times television news still presents "breaking stories" which you are able to post about. Once you find a breaking story you need your post on the web. Yesterday's headlines is not going to work using this method. Possibly one of the most valuable places for monitoring breaking news and trends is Twitter. Twitter actually broadcasts reports as the news is happening, from everywhere in the world.

By the time you learn about something on Google Alerts the news has undoubtedly broken. You shouldn't be getting "alerts" about other people's blog posts because that means they've already beat you to it. Several niches are much more suited to this strategy so you will need to decide exactly how it works for your blog. For stories that have a longer life, Google trends is a good resource. As an example, you can blog about a news item that you know your market would like to hear and still receive easy search engine rankings for that blog post.

Whenever your blog post is up you can send a Tweet to let your subscribers know to read it. Once more, it all depends on the topic, but as you may know Google will post your Tweets on the first page of their search results. There is nothing certain with Google but it is sure really worth a shot. Nonetheless, you will get exposure for your blog by merging the power of timely blog posts and using Twitter to drive people to your blog.

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